Cause of Cradle Cap in Babies

Cause of Cradle Cap in Babies

Cradle cap is a kind of scalp problem which is also called honeycomb disease, pityriasis capitis, crusta lacteal, milk crust, and infantile seborrhoeic. It is not harmful as every child has this problem when they get newly born. There is no need to worry, but when a baby gets irritated due to this problem, then you need to find a way to help them. You can help your baby to get rid of this problem with the help of the best baby shampoo for cradle cap.

The people who become a new parent they majorly don’t know about the symptoms of this problem as well as how it mainly causes. Here’s the information that can help you to understand the various causes and symptoms of the problem. It’s essential for every parent to know about various aspects related to their child so that they can help them. Because the babies who face this problem are too small and can’t express their feelings.

You should try to keep proper knowledge about the needs and wants of your babies so that you can help them properly. It can also help you to make a strong bond with your child as they find you as their helping hand and a good caretaker.

Cause of Cradle Cap in Babies

Major Causes of Cradle Cap

The major cause of the cradle cap is not cleanly observed. People usually don’t know how this problem starts causing. But one thing is clear that it is not caused by any kind of bacterial infection, allergy, or bad hygiene.

Overactive of sebaceous glands

It may cause overactive glands on the scalp such as a fungal infection, sebaceous glands, or both. The sebaceous gland is found in the skin, which produces the natural oil called sebum, which leads to various skin problems. The problems which are caused by this gland are pimples, cradle cap, itchiness, etc.

Overactive of sebaceous glands can lead to producing a high amount of oil, which stops it from getting down and leads to stick on the scalp. It stops the other cells from getting dry so that the oil sticks on the scalp. When the oil sticks on the scalp, then it may lead to cradle ca like oil gets stick on different spots.

Reason for the overactive of the sebaceous gland

The main reason for the overactive of the sebaceous gland is due to the mother’s hormone, which may stay in the baby’s body for the long term after birth. It can make babies suffer from this problem after their birth.

People should opt for the best baby shampoo for cradle cap so that they can make their baby get rid of this problem. It can also make them feel relaxed and cradle-free and can lead their life happily without any irritation.

If any fungal infection seems to be there on the baby’s scalp, then it might be due to a large number of anti-biotic that the mother took before giving birth. It can be due to the mother that a newborn baby has to face such a problem after having birth in this world. But there is no need to worry because medicines are a must that a lady has to take in their pregnancy time.

Anti-biotic removes bacteria from the body of a baby, but it also leads to destroying all the bacteria which help to protect from fungal infection. It causes the fungal infection on a baby’s scalp, so there’s no need to take tension; it’s normal.

Most of the studies have shown that the babies with cradle cap might be having a member in their family who has eczema or asthma. It can lead a small baby to face the problem of a cradle cap.

Cause of Cradle Cap in Babies

Let’s have a look at Some Symptoms

There are various symptoms available for the cradle cap problem, which can help the parents to know that their baby has this problem. Usually, a baby is most likely to face this problem after taking birth due to some reasons. The symptoms which can help you to know about this problem are:

Dandruff like dry skin on the scalp

You will able to see dandruff like dry skin on the scalp, which seems to be dry flakes in different areas.  The different areas of the scalp will look like scales and very harsh.

Crusty areas on the scalp with a yellow color

The baby will have crusty areas on the scalp with a yellow color, which shows a cradle symptom. You will able to see various patches on the scalp, which are yellow in color and looks very greasy.  The affected areas of the scalp will turn into the red and make the scalp look more reddish.

The above are the significant symptoms that you can find on your baby’s scalp if you want to know whether your baby is suffering from cradle cap or not. If so, then you can opt for the best baby shampoo for cradle cap, which can help your baby to get rid of this problem fats. This problem mainly starts from the head of the baby and leads to the back ear where the baby finds more itchiness. The symptoms can also be found in the form of patches on various parts of the body. The parts where symptoms can be found are eyelids, nose, armpits, groin, and at the backside of the knees.

When you found to see this problem on the body, then it won’t seem to be a cradle cap, then it becomes a skin problem called seborrhoeic eczema. You should try to deal safely with the problem because the skin of a small baby is so sensitive. It’s important not to scratch the area because it may lead to infection. When the areas start to recover, then there may be some hair losses, so don’t panic, new hair will automatically come after some time.

Final Verdict

The people who don’t know the various causes and symptoms of cradle cap then they can know about it with the help of the above information. It can help them to have some precautions when they found such symptoms. They should mainly prefer to use the best baby shampoo for cradle cap so that their baby can get a relaxed life fast.