Experience Essential When Buying Electric Car for Babies

Experience Essential When Buying Electric Car for Babies

Electric-powered toy cars are a great entertainment tool and popular with children of all ages. It is also because of the hot level of this toy that manufacturers compete for new super-beautiful models with many different styles and colors.

Surely when going to buy gifts for children the parents will be overwhelmed. Wondering which one to choose, the quality, which is beautiful and suitable for your interests but still a reasonable price

Factors to consider when buying:

To be able to choose the right car for your baby’s personality and style, pay attention to the following important factors:

Model of the car

Children’s electric cars have countless types and styles on the market. To be able to choose a car for your baby, parents should know what their style is?

Funny, lovely cars: This type has a simple but no less cute design that is very suitable for girls with gentle personalities.

Sports car models: This electric car series for babies are often designed like supercars Lamborghini, Audi … very young, luxurious, and extremely stylish. This product line is suitable for both boys and girls with personality and dynamism.

Terrain: These electric cars are classified as a terrible car because of their quite powerful engine. This car is quite suitable for young and healthy boys who are passionate about speed sports.

Battery operating capacity

This issue is quite important but almost a lot of parents do not pay attention to it. Whether the vehicle can run stably in any terrain or not is up to this parameter.

Currently, most baby electric cars use 2 types of batteries, 6V or 12V.

Children from 1 to 4 years old, their weight is still low. You should buy electric cars using a 6V / 4.5AH battery is suitable.

For older children aged 4 – 10 years old, they should choose the car with battery with higher operating capacity such as 6V / 7AH or more is 12V / 10AH

The operation mode of electric toy cars

Most electric cars for babies have 2 operating modes integrated into a product that is for children to drive themselves or parents to use the remote to control the car remotely. But not all toy electric cars have both.

There will be models with only one device that is controlled by the steering wheel. If your baby is only 1 – 3 years old, you will make the mistake of buying these cars. The baby is not aware of the speed control can be dangerous to understand.

Your parents should buy children’s electric cars that can operate in both modes to make the usage process more flexible.

Additional features and support system for the vehicle

The car you buy must be full of important functions such as forward, backward, cheap right, cheap left.

Also, you should pay attention to some attractive features of each different car model as follows:

Lighting system, beeps, and audio transceivers.

Tools to support the smoothness of the car: wheels, rubber wheels …

Space drill car

Whether your baby loves to play on an electric car will be comfortable or not, depending on whether you choose a car with a drill width suitable for your baby or not. In case you have 2 small children and want 2 children to play together, you can choose 2-seater electric cars for them. Help your sweetheart have moments of fun and comfort when playing together.

Prices of toy cars

Above we have gone through a lot of factors about the design, style, as well as the specifications of how good or bad the car, is. But one last factor that is also quite important when you choose to buy electric cars for babies is the price of this product.

Often the price goes hand in hand with the quality of the car, but not all suppliers follow that rule. So, choose companies specializing in business and reputable in the market in this field.

Buy an electric car liquidation for baby and issues to note

The purchase and sale of children’s electric cars old have become quite popular nowadays because of the cost of buying a new car is not small. This person can run out of needs and transfer them to another person in need, which is very convenient for both parties economically.

But for buyers of old children’s electric cars, you will need to pay more attention to avoid pitfalls, buy bad quality cars at an inappropriate price. Although the economic conditions may not be abundant, every parent wants their children to have fun and be as good as their friends …

Notes when choosing to buy a second-hand electric car:

Because the market of this toy market is quite large, choosing a reputable place to provide quality electric toys is a big problem. What I said just now is that for a new purchase, then it can be seen that buying quality liquidated cars is even more difficult.

But parents, please rest assured, below I will share with you some experience to choose to buy an electric car toys liquidation best:

Appearance: Consider toy cars intact in shape, paint color that has not faded or scratched.

Depending on the age and weight of the baby, see if the car has enough load, suitable engine or not. For babies under 4 years old, the two engines are moderate, but for older children, you should consider choosing a model with 4 engines.

Must check whether the moving function of the car is still fully operational and stable or not.

Check the brake system, speed control, and protective equipment are in good condition? This directly affects the safety of your baby, so you should pay attention to it.

In addition to the moving functions, the children’s electric car series also has other interesting features built into the car such as LED lighting, sirens, music connection … so you should also consider checking the problem. This topic is for children to have more fun.

Parents should refer to many different stores to be able to compare prices and quality for buying becomes more optimal.

Problems that may be encountered when using an old toy electric car:

The use of electric cars for your baby will surely often encounter minor failures during play that affect the fun of the baby. Below I will highlight a few common problems and directions to resolve those situations:


This is a technical error that many parents encounter and seek the most online repair.

This error is usually caused by the following two main causes:

  • Remote control mode on/off button

Most electric toy cars have two operating modes, self-driving, and remote control.

Maybe during play, your child accidentally touched the switch to self-driving mode and you mistakenly thought that the remote control was broken.

  • Remote control handle

In case the baby has not touched the on / off button but the remote control system does not work, you should check the remote control. If the device runs out of battery, replace the battery, or replace it with a new remote.

If you have a lot of technical problems difficult for you, please go to the place to repair electrical equipment for the best advice.

Toy car stopped working

A poorly functioning battery will prevent your baby’s car from functioning. Also, other parts can cause the car to stop operating such as the problematic lever system. It makes the vehicle unable to move backward, the throttle pedal is stuck, the motor cable is blocked. A break causes the motor to fail

If the fathers do not have experience in this, you should take it to the car repair center for children’s toys for the best maintenance.

Rattling noises from inside the vehicle when in use

This is usually due to the motor being loose, so remove and reinstall it firmly.

Besides, it is also possible that the outer shell of the motor is broken or misaligned so when the vehicle moves the car emits such unpleasant sounds.

However, I still encourage you to choose to buy new toy cars for babies rather than buying liquidation. Because this product line is constantly updating on designs, new features may make your child more interested.

Hopefully, with the experiences I have learned in choosing to buy an electric car for your baby, it will partly help parents to choose the most appropriate and favorite gift for their children. Once you have chosen to buy a good car, your child and parents should also use electric toy cars in the most appropriate way to increase the life of the car, allowing them to play longer.