Is Air Purifier Safe for Babies?

Is Air Purifier Safe for Babies?

Air purifiers are one of the devices that are gradually being used by consumers to protect their health through the purification of breathing air. Most of us use air purifiers for bedrooms, living rooms, … So whether air cleaners cause bad effects on human health, especially babies? In some of these articles, we will clarify the issues you are concerned about.

What is an air purifier?

The air purifier is a device that purifies the air based on the activity of passing polluted air through the filters. The filters capture pollutants and then bring the fresh air back into your space. 

Home air purifiers are used by many people to protect their health and reduce the pollutants in the indoor space to keep all members healthy.

What are the benefits of air cleaners?

The air purifier is a device that purifies the air to bring out fresh air. So, does the air purifier help you?

The Hepa filter in the air purifier eliminates microscopic dust particles, PM 2.5 particles. The HEPA filter can capture particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

The activated carbon filter in the filter eliminates unpleasant odors, musty smells, deodorant of tobacco, toxic smells that cause allergies, .. to bring fresh air to the space of friend.

Negative ion generation technology on an air purifier is the process of creating negative ion particles that help negative ions to dust particles to help them fall to the ground. In today’s Sharp air purifiers, the exclusive Plasmacluster negative ion generation technology provides a double filtration solution that quickly eliminates polluting distillation to bring fresh air to your space.

Is air cleaner safe for babies?

So the answer to the question: “Is air cleaners safe for babies?” what? 

The affirmative answer is yes. Air cleaners are completely safe for babies. Why do you say that? 

The air purifier is an air purification device that aims to protect human health through the removal of pollutants in the air so it does not affect human health including babies.

The air purifier uses a cleaning mechanism by having a fan suck the polluted air through a filter and bring clean air to the environment. The simple mechanism, the HEPA filter system and activated carbon is especially safe and does not produce any harmful substances to the newborn.

Currently, some Sharp air purifiers make the Plasmacluster negative ion into, particularly safe air. The mechanism of generating negative ions into the air alerts into dust particles and pollutants and helps eliminate suspended air pollution. 

Thus, the air purifier is completely safe for human health, especially for children and babies. Currently, smart air purifiers can be controlled via smartphones to bring the most convenience to customers.

The benefits of air purifiers for children

Babies and young children often have an immune system, the brain system is not fully developed, making them vulnerable to health by external toxic factors. Besides, due to the small body weight and high rate of breathing, young children tend to be more affected by air toxin inhalation than those who inhale to the same concentration.

Therefore, the air purifier will help remove dust particles, pollen, pet hair, bacteria, viruses, … bringing a clean and safe atmosphere for children, ensuring health and drought. Restrict respiratory diseases for babies.

Choosing an air purifier is good for children

The fact is that not all air cleaners are safe for babies. You should choose a machine commonly used for young children with HEPA filters or activated carbon filters.

HEPA air filter

HEPA air filters work by sucking air through specially designed filters, “trapping” dust, smoke, pollen, pollutants, … and then keeping them here. Then it pushes fresh, clean air into the room.

This process is repeated continuously when the machine works to keep the room free of contaminants. If new impurities enter the room, such as smoke or dust. The device pulls the particles back into the filter and prevents them from returning to the room.

Activated carbon filter 

Activated carbon filters have superior filtration performance compared to conventional filters, including many molecular-sized pores, which are highly absorbent.

When these particles pass through the filter, they are absorbed and locked up. Therefore, the activated carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odors along with volatile organic compounds. 

In particular, you should avoid buying ozone and Ion air purifier products because they are not suitable for children

Attention to know when choosing air purifiers for infants and young children

The effects of air cleaners have a very good benefit for children. The note parents should know when choosing air cleaners for infants and young children

Air purifiers are increasingly in common use. The main features of air purifiers such as air cleaning, deodorizing, killing bacteria, viruses … have a very good effect on humans. However, many people do not believe in using air cleaners well, especially with infants and young children

How to buy air purifiers for babies and children to promote good efficiency and ensure the health of children is something that many parents care about when using this product

For effective and safe use, especially with young children, parents should note the following

Choose the right feature

On the market today, many air purifier products offer different features and prices, meeting the needs of consumers. For families with young children, you should choose an air purifier with the ability to kill bacteria and viruses to protect your baby’s health. Besides, families using air conditioning (summer), heaters (winter). You should choose the model with more humidification, because air conditioning, heaters often make the air dry, children easily suffer from respiratory diseases …

Families with young children can also choose a machine using ozone technology (a feature to prevent and eliminate odors in the room), ensuring the air in the room is always clean and cool.

When choosing to buy air purifiers, you need to pay attention to the area used. If you choose a machine with a small capacity will not achieve the desired effect. On the contrary, using a machine with a large capacity for a narrow area will cause waste.

Do not abuse

Should use just enough, avoid the situation to continuously operate the machine leads to overload. Especially should not abuse the humidifier. When it rains or the temperature drops. Let’s stop using the humidifier and air purifier functions, blowing a gentle breeze to save power. When the air environment has been purified clean, the machine should only run in humidifier normal mode.

For advanced air purifiers with ozone technology, should only be used for a fixed period (until the odor is enough) because when used in excess, ozone can adversely affect child health. people, especially young children.

Choose the right humidity

As recommended by health experts, the best moisture for infants varies between 40-50%, temperatures between 20-30 degrees are quite safe. However, the best temperature for babies is between 26 and 28 degrees C. If the humidity is higher or lower, there is a high risk of respiratory diseases.

Put the device in a suitable position

Place the device on a flat, stable, firm surface, away from the baby’s lying position, limiting airflow to the person, affecting health.

In rooms that use air conditioning, the optimum position is just below the cold side of the air conditioner, this will help clean air to be dispersed throughout the room.

Avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight, high temperatures can easily damage the device.

Young children or infants often have a weak immune system, so with the current environmental pollution and abnormal changes in air temperature. It is easy for children to get sick, flu, and heat. fever, difficulty eating and digesting food, crying. Take good care of your baby while you are in your mother’s womb. A clean, healthy living environment will help children develop comprehensively physically and intellectually.

Also, it is important to clean the air purifier regularly to make sure it works in the best condition. While removing harmful substances in the machine.


 Air purifiers are just life support. Families should pay attention to keeping the air cool; clean the house, especially the small children’s room to avoid mold, dust; Regularly open the door to catch the wind and sunshine, help the air to circulate among the rooms …