Ways to Help Baby Sleep

Ways to Help Baby Sleep

Baby who are not sleeping well or fussy at night are a sign that they feel uncomfortable and have health problems. Therefore parents need to monitor and find out the cause to help them stabilize. How to do it, let me find out through this article.

Is a baby unable to sleep well?

Obviously, baby who do not sleep well will lose health, resistance is affected, so they will easily be attacked by harmful bacteria.

There are many reasons why a baby may not sleep well:

  • Baby are deficient in nutrients such as calcium, which causes the body to be tired at sleep time, so sleep is not good.
  • Mental excitement: If you take violent actions during the day that scare your baby, he will be agitated at night.
  • Baby who are hungry or force-fed: Not only baby but even adults sleep well when the body is hungry, isn’t it.
  • Not sleeping on time: Practice giving your baby the habit of sleeping on time, otherwise his health will be affected.
  • Baby with fever, being sick or teething: At this time, the body is very tired so it will be difficult for them to sleep. It is common to have a fever when getting vaccinated, so parents should pay attention.

Thus, if you do not sleep well for a long time, your body will be weakened, harmful bacteria will attack and produce many dangerous diseases.

How to help your baby sleep well at night

Firstly, parents need to find out the reason why baby cannot sleep. We have a total of 5 main reasons above so we just need to list each case and deal with it.

The baby’s spirit is agitated

If during the day you make threats or scare your baby, at night he or she will feel unsafe, afraid to fuss and refuse to sleep. So parents should not use whips or actions to scare the baby.

Many parents often whip and bully their baby when feeding, which is not recommended. Baby should not watch horror movies, ghost movies, play excessively affecting their memory at night.

Baby are deficient in Calcium

If you give your baby a chance to sunbathe in the morning, he or she will probably lack calcium. Often lack of calcium will affect the bones so your baby will be rickets, growth retardation. Especially at night will see very tired limbs and tired could not sleep.

To overcome this, the mother should sunbathe her every morning to help supplement the vitamin D content. In addition, you can also supplement by buying drugs, nutrients for your baby to drink calcium daily.

The baby is hungry or overeating

Hungry or fullness is very dangerous for human digestive organs such as stomach and stomach. Because sleep is the time when these parts are rested. But because they are too hungry or too full, it works. Increased production leads to discomfort and sleeplessness.

Lessons learned next time should let your baby eat and drink enough, should eat before 1 hour before going to bed, because the baby is too young to say it is full or hungry.

Do not sleep on time

Baby often have flexible sleeping periods, preferring to sleep at what time. So those who are at weaning age (from 6 months of age) should practice letting them sleep at a certain time frame.

Sleeping on time helps the body to rest properly, the body is refreshed so there is no inconvenience of crying.

The baby is ill or teething

This case is easy to recognize, for young baby when sick will be accompanied by signs of fussing.  When baby fever above 38 degrees, parents should carefully check.

If you have a fever, should give your baby fever-reducing medicine. If it still does not work, you should see a doctor immediately.

There is a note that when teething baby is also prone to fever, so in this case, parents try to care and monitor the baby regularly, avoid getting fever above 40 degrees because it is easy to cause convulsions.

So I have finished answering the question why the baby fussy crying during sleep and the remedies. Hopefully this article will help you take care of your baby better.