What Is Diaper Rash in Babies

What Is Diaper Rash in Babies? The Best Way to Treat Diaper Rash for Babies

The child’s skin is extremely fragile and weak. So it is easy to get skin diseases in the first months of life such as diaper rash in babies.

This is probably the typical disease that occurs in many families with young children. Newborn diaper rash not only annoys children but also makes parents extremely worried when their child’s soft skin becomes red and cracked. Mothers should learn carefully through the article below to not be confused with eczema in babies .

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash in children is common in babies who frequently use diapers and in the period from 3 to 15 months of age. This is a condition in which the active skin of the skin’s secretory system works abnormally due to the tightness of the skin when the child’s skin is sweaty without being absorbed. Causing the child’s urine to stay in the long run. Urine that has been in contact with young skin for a long time will cause damage to the skin.

When a child has a rash, some itchy blisters may appear. When they scratch, open wounds will appear. The skin is susceptible to fungal infection or infection caused by moisture.

Symptoms identifying babies with diaper rash

In order to have an effective treatment for newborn babies. Mothers should know the signs that are extremely easy to recognize such as:

  • Rashes appear on the skin in contact with the diaper including genital skin, folds in the thighs and buttocks.
  • The diaper rash may be dry or wet than usual. In some children. When diaper rash occurs, dry, cracked areas will appear, especially in areas with many wrinkles. However, a few cases of diaper rash in babies cause the baby’s skin to become wet. The skin secretes fluids and often smells bad.
  • Irritability, irritability, little sleep, and even anorexia are also one of the hallmarks of diaper rash in infants.
  • If the disease is not recognized early and properly handled, severe symptoms such as high fever, red, sores and inflammation can develop.

The cause of diaper rash in babies

Diaper rash in children can come from the following main causes:

The skin that comes into contact with the diaper is often wet

The baby’s skin is already very sensitive. Especially the genital skin is more sensitive than ever because the skin is thin and has many folds. So even when using highly absorbent diapers and diapers. This area of ​​the skin is often wet. This is a favorable condition for bacteria to develop and cause disease. The situation of babies with vaginal infections most common.

Skin being rubbed or allergic to diapers, diapers

Diaper diaper rash in babies can also occur when the skin is rubbed against the diaper or the baby’s skin is so sensitive that it is allergic to some of the fragrance introduced into the diaper or washing powder diapers.

Wrap diapers, diapers too tight, make the skin squash and rub vigorously, or use rough, poor quality diapers and strong detergents will make diaper rash in children more.

Diaper rash caused by strange food sources

This usually happens when the baby starts the weaning process. Many strange foods, along with their incomplete digestive system, are still immature and can easily cause children to pass out many times or have diarrhea. This results in the skin around the anus in a child damaged, the rash leads to redness.

Newborn babies get diaper rash because of viral and fungal infections

Wet skin is a favorable condition for a number of fungi to proliferate and flourish, typically Candida – a fungus that is common in children and is abundant around the child’s habitat.

How to treat diaper rash for babies

What should a baby with diaper rash do? This is probably the biggest concern of many parents. Diaper rash in babies is a common medical problem. But it can be treated quickly and easily if parents know how to handle it properly.

Diaper rash treatment for newborn babies will depend on the severity of the disease and different treatment courses are available.

Baby diaper rash medicine

In some cases of children with severe diaper rash, with signs of superinfection, fungal skin infections. The treatment of the disease requires use of diaper rash for infants. However, the use of the drug should be according to the dosage stated in the doctor’s prescription.

First, the doctor may prescribe fever-reducing medicine to the baby if the child has a high fever. Followed by topical antibacterial drugs containing antibiotics and corticosteroids.

In the case of diaper rash in a newborn turning into a stage of dermatitis, superinfection or a fungal infection. The child may need to take antibiotics such as antifungal, antibacterial …

Treat girls with diaper rash with diaper rash cream

Children with diaphragm, buttocks, anus, genitals, … can be treated with diaper rash cream products for babies or infant anti-diaper cream.

There are also a myriad of diaper diaper creams on the market today. But parents need to pay attention when choosing these products. Parents should not use topical corticosteroids to treat their child’s illness. Because this substance is easily irritating to the skin and may cause unwanted side effects.

Many parents also often use baby powder to treat diaper rash in babies. However, this is something dermatologists advise against doing. Because using powdered powder on the affected area can aggravate the damaged skin.

What to do when a child has diaper rash?

Diaper rash treatment and prevention of diaper rash in a newborn becomes easier for the mother if the mother does the following for her baby:

  • Use diapers and diapers that are highly absorbent, safe, and have quality and change diapers regularly. According to experts, it is recommended that mothers should change diapers every 4 hours and change as soon as their children go to the toilet.
  • Do not use wet towels or towels containing alcohol.
  • Children should be given time to not wear diapers and diapers to make the skin more open.
  • Do not use diapers, diapers are too tight for children to increase the degree of friction on the skin.
  • Soothe pain and care for your baby’s skin by applying Hope’s Relief 2 to 3 times a day.

In order for your baby to grow up healthy, in addition to the comforting love of his parents. He also needs proper and scientific care. Therefore, understanding of parents and choosing safe products to use for their children will greatly help their child’s health and development today and tomorrow.

Should we use diaper rash cream for babies?

This is very essential, before wearing a diaper. Mothers should apply a diaper rash cream to help prevent the possibility of skin irritation with the diaper.

Hopefully with the above sharing about diaper rash in babies has provided parents with a useful amount of knowledge for the journey to care for their baby. Wish parents success.